Coal generators on the outskirts of New York City are making a comeback.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that coal generators are increasingly satisfied with their own power supply, while more than three-quarters of power generators surveyed said they would prefer to own their own coal power plant than buy coal from the fossil fuel industry. 

The survey, which was conducted from June 3-4, surveyed 1,000 people in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.

The poll also found that 76 percent of respondents would rather own their power plant and 54 percent would prefer a coal generator, compared with 35 percent of those surveyed in 2014.

The survey found that only 32 percent of poll respondents said they were satisfied with the reliability of their electricity supply, with more than half of poll participants saying that their electricity was “very or somewhat unreliable” or “fairly or somewhat reliable.”

The poll was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. 

According to the survey, a majority of poll responders said that they would like to have their own generator, and about a third said they could find a suitable generator that met their needs.

Only 6 percent said they want to buy their own electricity.

The majority of respondents said that there are some issues that they face when buying their own generators, with 34 percent saying that the electricity is too expensive or the electricity has problems.

Only 4 percent said that the generator is too old, while 7 percent said the generator needs to be replaced.

The results of the survey also revealed that a majority (53 percent) of poll consumers do not know how much money they would be willing to spend on their electricity provider.

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