The coal industry in Indonesia has long faced the threat of a devastating coal pollution disaster if the country is not able to quickly curb the growth of its burning coal and other fossil fuels.

The country is currently grappling with a severe economic crisis that is forcing the closure of a number of coal mines, which have led to the closure or reduction of coal exports, a crisis that has also prompted concerns about the health of the local population and the coal industry.

But as the coal workers and their families have become more visible in recent years, a new kind of coal disaster is brewing.

A coal disaster in Indonesia is a deadly disaster that could occur anytime, anywhere. 

According to the World Health Organization, Indonesia is the third-largest coal producer in the world.

The United States and China are the largest coal exporters in the region.

However, Indonesia’s coal production is dwarfed by its other coal sources, the country’s natural gas, and coal-fired power plants.

As Indonesia’s economy continues to stagnate due to the country being the largest exporter of coal in the global market, coal production has also declined due to a weak economy and the country has struggled to find a solution to its coal shortage.

The lack of investment and production has forced many coal mining companies to sell their assets and shut down production. 

While coal mining is the backbone of Indonesia’s economic life, the state-owned coal company, Indonesia Coal, is responsible for the majority of its output.

Coal mining has long been one of the few jobs that Indonesian coal miners have, and it is the largest and most lucrative in the country. 

In a new report, Indonesian researchers and coal workers say the coal mining industry in the coal-rich country has been in dire straits, with more than half of all miners now on strike, and the workers’ strike is expected to continue.

Indonesia Coal, Indonesia, and its subsidiary company, Anbarang Pangnirtung Coal, have been in a state of shutdown for the past six years.

They have lost more than $50 billion in revenue and the workforce is in danger of losing their jobs due to continued low demand for their products.

The Indonesian Coal workers are not alone in their plight.

Across Indonesia, the coal mines that supply coal to the coal export industry have been shuttered in recent weeks.

The Indonesian government announced in May that it would end coal exports from 2018, a move that is scheduled to take effect on June 30.

This would be a major blow to the Indonesian coal industry and coal export, which relies on imported coal. 

Despite the harsh economic conditions in Indonesia, many workers still work in the mines, even though the country only recently began requiring coal miners to take part in a mandatory eight-hour workday. 

The Indonesian coal workers have become the poster children for the coal crisis in the nation. 

Their struggles against coal mining and coal pollution have become a rallying cry for coal miners and their supporters.

A coalition of coal miners, workers, and activists, called Coal for Labor, released a new documentary this week called Coal Strike: The Coal Disaster, that depicts the coal miners struggle and the dire situation they face. 

“The coal industry is facing a crisis of its own making.

The situation is so dire that there is no other way to express our feelings about this problem.

The miners are the face of the crisis,” said a spokesperson for the Coal for Workers Coalition.

“We want coal miners who are still working in coal mines to come together to make the miners’ lives better.” 

In recent months, the Indonesian Coal strike has gained more visibility as the country began to be exposed to coal pollution in greater depth.

The coal workers are being seen in the films and articles that have appeared in national media. 

Indonesian coal workers who were recently featured in an article on the website of the Indonesian newspaper, The Star, are seen on the cover of the newspaper with their union insignia and wearing a green T-shirt.

The workers have been featured in news articles in the national media and the national broadcaster, the NTV, as well as in numerous news articles and TV news programs.

“We are being ignored,” said Aberfan, a coal worker who has worked for Indonesia Coal for over a decade.

“They are just talking about the coal disaster.

They’re not saying anything about us, so we are being treated like shit.” 

The workers’ struggles are not only impacting the coal companies, but also their families.

The coal miners are now forced to move away from their families to avoid the possibility of a family tragedy. 

“[The coal workers] are forced to leave their families, so their children don’t grow up in poverty,” said Zohra, a mother of two coal miners.

“This is the last straw.

It’s not enough that I work for coal companies.

I also work for my daughter.

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