By ALEX COOPER CBS News | July 16, 2019 04:14:59In the coal mines of eastern West Virginia, the sky is dark and cold.

The smog is thick, and the clouds are thick.

The skies are a smoggy gray.

In the smog, a small community of coal miners has lived for decades, a community that has endured coal-fired power plants and coal ash storage tanks.

But in the early 1990s, the coal mining town of Blackfoot went into a decline that was unprecedented for the region.

It was in that dark time that a new generation of coal-mining companies came into existence.

These companies took the place of the coal companies that had been gone for decades.

They began to build and expand, and they brought the coal back to life.

Coal, the stuff that makes up so much of the American economy, was back.

But the resurgence of coal in West Virginia was a story of two worlds.

The coal mines that used to mine for a living were suddenly being transformed into an industrial park for the sole purpose of making money.

The industrial park was now a tourist destination, and it was a place where you could buy a car and drive off.

A lot of coal was being brought back to the mines, and coal companies were returning to their coal-burning roots.

And in the process, the people of Blackfish Canyon were going to be transformed into a place to breathe a sigh of relief.

For a few years, it looked like things were going smoothly, and things would return to normal.

But in the late 1990s the coal-processing plants were shut down.

They were shuttered because they were contaminated with asbestos.

A year later, a deadly accident happened at a coal-production plant in West Kentucky.

It turned out that coal was leaking into the environment and killing miners.

In fact, the accident had been planned months in advance.

The accident had already happened a year earlier.

And a few months after the accident, coal-plant workers were given two days off each year, which allowed them to go home for Christmas.

But that was the only time that coal-related accidents happened in the town of Blacksfish Canyon.

For years, Blackfish was a town where everything had gone to hell.

The people of the town never forgot the disaster.

The mayor’s brother, who had been mayor of Blackwater, was killed in the accident.

A couple of weeks later, Blackpool, the town’s largest city, burned.

The townspeople lost everything.

Blackpool had gone from being a sleepy coal town to a coal town.

It had been built to be a town of coal.

But when the Blackfish explosion happened, the entire town changed.

It started to look like it was going to fall apart.

Blackfish Canyon is now a ghost town.

The only people who live there are the miners who worked there and the workers who live in nearby town.

A sign outside the town tells people to keep an eye out for the coal trains, because coal trucks were being pulled into the town.

Coal trucks were running through the town, and a lot of them were being brought in with a coal ash tank on board.

The train, as it turned out, was carrying toxic coal from Blackfish Creek, the Blackwater coal mine that had spilled over the side of a mountain.

The railcar exploded and killed all of the people on board, including the mayor.

A small memorial is located outside the Blackfire Coal Mine.

The mine is not nearly as old as Blackwater.

The mines were still operating in the 1980s, and when Blackwater burned down in 1986, the mines reopened.

But it took years before the Blackfis Canyon fire was put out.

In Blackfish, the miners are in their 20s and 30s.

They are from a working class family.

The young people were from a middle-class family, and their families were not rich.

They had to work to support themselves.

It is hard to believe that in a town like this, in a place with such a large coal mining industry, it is possible for one generation of miners to survive on coal.

Coal mining has a lot in common with the coal business.

There are tons of mines, all in the same region, and there are tons and tons of people involved in coal mining.

And because of that, the business model has evolved from the one that was once used for manufacturing to one that is used to making money for a handful of people.

The profits from coal mining are the primary source of income for the entire community.

It makes a lot more sense that we are doing business with the people that are here, and not the people who are coming from somewhere else.

That is the way the world works.

The coal industry is a very complex business.

The different coal mining operations are different, and different companies have different ways of doing things.

So when the government decides

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