FourFourtwo’s partner FourFour has announced that it will buy 100,000 tonnes of chocolate coal to help the coal industry to cut emissions, a move that has been praised by environmental groups.

The move will see FourFour, a news and current affairs podcast, and The Climate Network, which has campaigned against the use of coal in the UK, team up to produce an environmental report, which will be made public once the coal is produced.

FourFour’s managing director, Simon Smith, said: “The UK coal industry is suffering, and we need a long-term solution to our coal shortage.”

We’re investing in new technology to reduce the carbon intensity of coal generation, as well as developing new technologies that will reduce the amount of emissions that are released into the atmosphere, and help tackle climate change.

“The coal used in chocolate production is sourced from the UK’s Black Forest region, which is home to the UK Coal Association and has seen the largest increase in emissions in the past three years.

The Black Forest is home of more than 70% of UK coal, and has been described as the world’s biggest coal mine.

A study conducted by the University of East Anglia has found that the UK coal sector has been responsible for up to 8,500 deaths, including 6,000 children, due to air pollution in 2016.

The report also found that more than a third of children in the region have asthma.

The climate change impact of coal burning has been highlighted by the United Nations, which said in November that a quarter of the world could be facing water shortages due to rising temperatures and more frequent droughts, as a result of climate change.

The UK has been criticised for failing to act on climate change and for not investing in renewables.

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