Coal is the primary fuel for most coal-fired power plants.

But coal is also used for building homes, cars and other industrial equipment.

And while the U.S. coal industry employs more than 200,000 people, the industry has struggled in recent years with falling demand, environmental concerns and increased air pollution from the burning of the fuels.

Coal is the only major fuel used in power plants today that can be burned in a fuel-burning mode without the use of toxic waste.

And there are no regulations that force coal companies to get rid of all coal-derived waste, including coal ash.

But the industry says it needs to change, including by adopting cleaner, more environmentally friendly technologies.

A few key things have changed in the past few years: 1.

A handful of states have begun to pass new rules for how coal ash should be disposed of, including California, Oregon and Washington.

In some cases, the rules have resulted in coal companies going out of business.


Newer technologies have allowed coal companies that still produce coal to get more efficient.

They’re building cleaner and more efficient power plants, and they’re also using new technologies to remove carbon dioxide and other gases from the air.


Coal companies have been moving into new markets.

The coal industry is expanding in China, Japan and other developing nations.

The industry has also been increasing its international reach, becoming a dominant player in China’s coal sector.

The industry is also building new coal-burning plants in the U: China has announced plans to add another coal-fueled power plant in the next few years.

The United States has been building coal plants in China and elsewhere.


The U.N. has proposed new standards for how to dispose of coal-based waste.

They include limits on how much waste can be stored, how often it can be recycled and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that can result.


Companies have also been pushing for better standards for air pollution, particularly from the use by power plants of highly polluting coal-tar sands that are extracted in Canada.


And coal-powered plants in general have been getting more efficient, according to the EPA.

In the past, the EPA said coal-power plants had about the same energy output as a coal-electricity plant.

But today, coal-generated power plants produce about 1 percent less electricity than coal-energy plants.

The agency has said coal plants could be using up to 25 percent less energy than a conventional coal plant.


And there’s a lot of coal going into new energy technology, like wind and solar power, that have the potential to be much more energy efficient than coal plants.

What’s the bottom line?

Coal’s future is looking brighter for the coal industry.

But if we don’t do something about it, it’s likely to continue to shrink, said Matthew Smith, senior vice president of sustainability at the International Coal Association.

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