WASHINGTON (AP) As coal mines in Appalachia become more and more vulnerable to natural gas, scientists are calling on officials to develop a plan to better protect the environment and people from the health hazards.

Coal mining, or “coal mining,” has been linked to air pollution, health hazards and earthquakes in the area.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 40 percent of Americans who live in Appalachias communities have been exposed to airborne pollution from coal mines.

It’s not known how many of those cases are due to the coal mining process.

The EPA says it’s been researching ways to minimize the health risks from coal mining.

But it hasn’t made a recommendation yet.

A panel of experts made up of experts in public health, health sciences, agriculture and the environment has formed the Task Force on Coal Mining Environmental Health and Risk in AppalachIA.

The panel will present the findings to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, who will make a recommendation to Congress, the task force said in a statement.

It is part of an effort by the EPA and other federal agencies to protect coal-related air pollution from pollution that is occurring on public lands and waters.

In the meantime, it’s a critical time for coal miners to get a handle on the problem, said Mary Ann Furlong, a retired mining scientist at the University of California at Davis who has been a member of the task team.

“This is going to be a very challenging task because of the rapid growth of coal-mining operations and because of ongoing and continuing coal mine-related health problems,” Furlung said.

“But it’s going to require coal miners working in this region to be more aware of the health effects of coal mining.”

The coal mining industry is the biggest source of carbon pollution in the country.

The mining industry produces more than 90 percent of the nation’s coal.

There are nearly 50,000 active coal mines and more than 2 million active coal shafts.

In recent years, more and different coal mining companies have emerged in the United States, such as Chesapeake Energy, Texas-based Alpha Natural Resources and Montana-based American Coal.

In Washington state, which has the highest rate of coal miners’ deaths in the U.S., the industry is producing more coal than any other state.

That makes it the fifth-largest source of coal pollution in America, behind New York, California and Texas, according to the EPA.

That includes the toxic mercury, sulfur dioxide and arsenic that coal mines emit into the air.

The mercury, a carcinogen, is found in the air and is linked to many cancers and other illnesses.

The sulfur dioxide is linked with asthma, heart disease, and lung cancer.

It can also cause breathing problems and asthma attacks, among other health problems.

The arsenic, a known neurotoxin, is also a known carcinogen and can cause kidney problems.

That means it can also harm the brain.

Both pollutants are found in many coal mines, and there is an ongoing investigation into the coal industry’s emissions.

The health problems and deaths associated with coal mining have been linked for decades to pollution from mining operations.

But the government hasn’t always been able to measure how much pollution is happening on the ground, or how it’s impacting people’s health.

In some cases, it has been difficult to track down exactly how much coal mining has been doing to pollute the air or water in an area.

Researchers say they’re trying to find a better way to measure coal mining pollution.

For example, the Environmental Protection Agency is now looking at ways to measure air pollution at the sites where coal mines are operating.

And in the meantime the EPA has been investigating coal mining’s health risks.

The agency has asked for public comments on its proposed new health guidelines for the mining industry.

The plan, called the Health and Environment Protection Agency’s Coal Health and Safety Standard, would require the coal-producing industry to do more to protect the health of its workers.

The standard would also require the mining companies to conduct an air monitoring program that would track coal mine pollution and other air pollutants.

That program, called COVID-19, has been under investigation by federal and state agencies for years.

The proposal would require companies to submit health and environmental risk information to the agency within two months of starting up their operations.

The coal companies would then have to provide it to the health department within 30 days of its first inspection, which would require more detailed data.

Coal companies would also have to submit a plan for how they will prevent coal mining from increasing their pollution.

If a coal mine has not been inspected since the first inspection date, the coal company would have to get permission from the agency to start monitoring the air again, said Sarah Stokley, the director of public affairs for the Environmental Working Group, an environmental advocacy group.

Coal mines, like other mining operations, also need to be monitored to make sure they aren’t polluting air, she said.

The government’s Coal

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