The Kentucky Coal Fires, now known as the Kentucky Coal Tarpits, have finally begun their destruction on the Appalachian Mountain range, which stretches from Tennessee and Ohio into Georgia and Alabama.

Kentucky has been burning coal for over 150 years, and the state’s coal fleet has produced enough ash to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The coal fires that were first discovered in the 1920s, were discovered by accident and are the largest in the country.

The state’s largest coal plant was destroyed in 2015, and more are coming.

The fires were so large, and so extensive, that the government decided to begin mining the ash instead of burning it to produce electricity.

The Kentucky coal mines were discovered in 1922, and were built using a mixture of coal tar, clay, and sand.

The tar pits, which are filled with ash, are often used to create the coal tar that the coal fires produce.

When the fires started, the government knew they were destroying a huge amount of coal, but the government didn’t know how much coal it was going to be able to burn before it had to stop.

In the 1920’s, when coal was still considered a dirty, dirty fuel, a coal tar was used as a treatment method.

Today, coal tar is used in some plants as a natural gas emulsion to prevent gas from leaking out.

The government has been working on ways to minimize the damage caused by coal fires.

However, a report released by the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy found that coal ash would be a much worse option for treating coal because of its high sulfur content.

Sulfur is a greenhouse gas that increases the amount of heat that the planet can absorb.

Sustainability experts have also criticized coal tar for being used in coal-fired power plants, which produce more carbon dioxide than they use.

In 2017, the EPA announced that it would review coal tar and other pollution control methods, but it has yet to make any changes.

It has been the subject of criticism from some environmental groups.

A number of coal-based companies have sued to block the regulations.

However a coalition of more than 200 coal companies, coal mining interests, and energy companies called Clean Power Plan, which would ban coal-generated power plants and require states to develop plans to reduce carbon pollution from their energy sources, failed in the 2017 Senate.

The US Department of Energy is working on a plan to address climate change, which will include a carbon price and emission standards for coal.

However the Trump administration has said that it is open to new rules, but will focus on coal power.

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