Coal miners who were denied a loan from the state of Colorado to build their coal-fired power plants have filed a federal lawsuit against the state to overturn the decision.

The plaintiffs include the mother of the coal miner who died in a coal mine accident last year, the daughter of the woman who died of lung cancer after being exposed to coal dust at a coal plant in Utah, and the daughter and son of a coal miner from Ohio who suffered from the same illness as their father.

In a statement, the Colorado Department of Revenue said it will defend against the lawsuit filed by the families of the deceased miners, who were among the nearly 3,500 miners who died from coal mining accidents in 2015.

“The Department of Finance is committed to ensuring that all miners are treated fairly and equally under the law, and we will continue to aggressively enforce laws against illegal and deceptive practices by coal companies,” the statement said.

“We have received thousands of comments on the proposed rulemaking, and it is our hope that we will be able to finalize this rulemaking and take it out of the hands of regulators as quickly as possible.”

The coal mining industry has been under increased scrutiny over the past few years as the industry has seen a sharp increase in coal consumption, which in turn has resulted in coal dust emissions being significantly reduced.

The dust emitted by coal mines has also become more prevalent in recent years as an industry has focused on cleaning up the pollution.

As a result, the industry is now being targeted by a variety of regulatory agencies in recent months.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration proposed changes to environmental regulations meant to address the harmful effects of the dust that are expected to reduce the amount of dust emitted into the atmosphere.

The coal industry and the coal miners have been in court for the past month, arguing that the proposed changes will harm the industry and will harm miners’ health and safety.

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