Coal mining has long been a controversial industry in the United States, but recently it has taken on a new meaning as an environmental concern.

As more people are moving into cities and cities are moving out of coal mining, a number of new coal mines have opened up.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest coal mines and what they are doing to change the environmental and health impacts.


Murray Energy, Murray Energy Co. Murray Energy, the nation’s second-largest coal miner, recently announced it would shut down its $10 billion Ash River Mine near Knoxville, Tennessee.

The company’s move came after months of criticism from local residents and environmentalists, who said the coal mine is an unsafe environment for wildlife and could be a “disaster for the region.”


BNSF, the largest rail carrier in the U.S., announced in May that it was ending its Ash River and Mount Rose coal mines.

The two mines are located near Knox County, Tennessee, which is a hotbed for coal production.

The closure of these two mines will be temporary until BNSFs new rail line comes online.

The Ash River mine has also been accused of dumping waste in nearby waterways, a claim BNSFH denies.


Southern Company, the second-biggest rail carrier, announced last year that it will close the mine in St. Louis, Missouri, that was the largest coal mine in the nation in the 1980s.

Southern is the largest railroad in the country, and the St. Lawrence River is one of the largest rivers in the world.


Dominion, the world’s largest coal miner and one of its biggest coal companies, announced in June that it would close its $5 billion Ash Spring Mine in Tennessee.

As the company has recently faced criticism from the coal industry, Dominion has taken steps to improve its environmental record, including installing new waste-to-energy plants and anaerobic digesters at the Ash Spring mine.


Alpha Natural Resources, the biggest oil and gas producer in the state of Texas, announced earlier this month that it planned to shut down a coal-fired power plant in the town of El Paso, Texas, due to concerns about air pollution.

The mine is located in El Paso and is located within the city limits of El Pueblo, which has seen an increase in air pollution from coal-burning power plants in recent years.


Dominion has a long history of environmental complaints, including the 2011 spill of coal dust in the Mississippi River that killed 11 people.

The spill was a major environmental scandal, which the company acknowledged in a public response that it had “failed to address any significant issues with the safety and integrity of the mine.”

Dominion has also faced criticism for the company’s handling of environmental issues in the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


Chevron Corporation, the No. 3 U.N. gas company, has been accused in recent months of dumping tons of methane gas into the Chesapeake Bay, a massive source of drinking water for the United State.

In March, Chevron admitted that the company had dumped toxic waste from a previous mine into the bay.

The methane gas was eventually released into the water supply.


Alpha American Energy, a subsidiary of the Canadian company Energy East, announced that it plans to close its Ash Mountain Mine near the town the town was built on.

The 1.8 million-acre Ash Mountain mine is the second largest coal mining project in the Appalachian region.

The largest of the Ash Mountain mines, it is located near the Tennessee border, where it produces approximately 5 million tons of coal a year.

The town of Ash Mountain has been the subject of numerous environmental complaints from residents, who say it is an environmentally dangerous place.


Texas Pacific Corp., the second biggest oil company in the South, announced it is ending its 1,400-acre Fort Worth Mine in March.

The Fort Worth mine is one the largest in the Midwestern United States.

The plant is located on the site of the former Fort Worth Electric Power Company.


ConocoPhillips, the country’s largest oil company, announced a new coal mine it was building in the Powder River Basin in Montana.

The Powder River is an enormous coal-bearing basin that covers nearly 20,000 square miles and is a key source of water for much of the U,S.

In January, the U!s Department of Interior announced the mine would be the largest U. S. coal mine, and will require a permit from the federal government to be built.


BNEF, a U.K.-based environmental watchdog group, announced this month it was closing its 2,300-acre Powder River and Powder River East Mine in Ash River, Wyoming.

The Coal Ash River Coal Mine is located about 70 miles (105 kilometers) west of the Wyoming town of Bison, Wyoming, and is an important coal-producing area in the area

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