Posted by Chris Carter on April 6, 2018 12:28:06 A new DLC set for Super Smash Brothers Melee is expected to be available on April 4, 2018, Capcom announced this week.

The DLC will add three new costumes and two new stages. 

The DLC pack is titled Super Smash for the New Generation and includes three new stages and two costumes. 

“A special thank you to all our players for the incredible support and passion for Super [sic] Smash for New Generation that we’ve enjoyed over the past year,” the game’s publisher Capcom said in a statement.

“To commemorate this incredible moment, we are releasing the first two stages of Super Smash in a DLC pack to celebrate its release.”

The DLC pack will cost $19.99.

The first three stages are: Kirby Stadium  (Kirbys final fight with Mario)  (Kirbs final fight against Bowser) _____Polaris (Karts final fight) ________The second three stages will be: Lava Pit _________Aquacor ___________The third stage will be Kanto: __________New Land _____________Aquapolis _______________The DLC set is expected at retailers, but will be free for everyone on Xbox One and PS4 on April 11, 2018. 

Capcom also confirmed that Super Smash’s second DLC will be available at select retailers in April. 

Check out the first three new stage costumes, including two that look like Pikachu, in the gallery below. 

Aqua  The second new costume, which looks like a green and red Pikachu, is coming to the Wii U version of Super Mario Odyssey, as well as on the 3DS.

It will be playable with the 3D glasses that Nintendo released earlier this year.

_____Black Mamba _____A new new costume will be a black Mamba that looks like an oversized gorilla.

_____________________Bowser ____________________The third costume, a yellow Bowser, looks like Pikachu.

_______Kirbie _______A new costume for Kirbys final battle with Bowser is also coming to Wii U. It looks like the first stage.

______Lava _______This costume looks like Mario’s final battle against Bowser.

____Aqua (Super Mario Odyssey) ____The next three costumes will be the same as the ones previously seen in Super Smash.

______________Aqua (Super Smash Bros.)

____________A new version of the Aquacor costume will also be released for the Wii and 3DS versions of Super Melee.

It features a new version with a different design and new colors.

________Mangos ________This is another new costume from Super Smash, featuring a new color.

________________________________________Cerberus _________________________________________________The third new costume is coming for the Nintendo 3DS version of Melee.

______________________________Ice Cream _______________________________The fifth costume is a Pikachu-esque costume that looks similar to the first one.

___Ice Cream (Super Nintendo) ___A new Pikachu-themed costume is also planned for the 3ds version of Smash.

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