DALLAS — For decades, coal plants have been burning in underground coal mines, sometimes for years.

They’ve produced the dirtiest and most toxic coal, but that’s a byproduct of the process.

Now, there’s a new coal plant to replace the old one.

A small town near Dallas is one of the first to have it built.

It’s the new site of the new Texas Advanced Technology Co. (TATC), which has announced plans to replace its underground coal plant with a much cleaner alternative.TATF’s announcement on Wednesday morning comes less than two weeks after the plant burned in an explosion that killed at least two workers and seriously damaged dozens of others.

It is the latest example of the problem of underground coal burning.

The explosion and the resulting fire at the Texas Advanced Energy Project in May killed nine people and burned through about 1,000 tons of coal, or nearly three tons of it.

The company is now rebuilding the plant.

As part of the TATC agreement, the plant will be run on a carbon-neutral power plan.

The deal will also require that all of the waste generated by the plant, including coal ash, be sent to a waste treatment plant in Houston.

The TATF agreement also mandates that the plant not be able to produce more than 30,000 megawatts of power a year for 30 years.

It’s been a problem for decades.

A coal plant that burns coal to produce power would produce an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide and methane as a typical power plant.

It also would be more polluting than a typical home.

And there’s no way to do a carbon tax.

The only way to change that is to put more coal underground.

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That’s exactly what happened in Dallas.

The Texas Advanced Power Co. plant, located in the rural town of Hidalgo, burned coal for decades before being retired in the late 1970s.

It produced about 100 megawatts a year of electricity, according to TATCF.

The new plant will have a capacity of about 3,000MW.

TatCF said the plant is the largest in Texas and is expected to create up to 1,400 direct and indirect jobs.

It will have the potential to create 1,500 jobs in the surrounding area, according a news release from the Texas Department of Transportation.

The company says the new plant would help address the problem.

The plant will help reduce the carbon footprint of the facility, as well as help ensure the continued success of the project,” the company said in a news conference.

The plant is expected be completed in the 2020s, according the company.

The project, which has been around for decades, was started by Texas-based TATCO for a project called the TACCo program.

The program was launched by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in 2005.

TATCo is a state agency that provides a grant to build new power plants.

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