Coal-burning stove fires in China are killing wildlife in a way that is hard to quantify, but a new study says they are making the lives of wildlife even harder.

In the study published Thursday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers looked at five species of endangered species in China.

The study found that the coal-powered stoves in the study were a major cause of death for the endangered species.

The researchers say the stoves were killing off a number of species, including frogs, frogs, snakes, birds, and turtles.

“The impacts on the ecosystem are staggering,” study co-author Guoyu Zhang, a doctoral student in wildlife conservation at the University of California, Santa Barbara, told the Associated Press.

“We found that there was an increased mortality of birds and turtles, which is something that has never been seen before in these types of stoves,” Zhang said.

The stoves kill birds and other species in a number a ways, including through a direct impact on their nesting habitats, or by indirectly harming their survival.

The authors say that they suspect the stumps are causing more problems than just habitat loss.

“In the case of frogs, there are also concerns about the toxicity of the chemicals and the effect on the frog population,” Zhang told the AP.

“We also have concerns that the compounds that are used in the staves are not sustainable.”

The study is one of the first studies to investigate the impact of stoking in China’s forests.

A number of studies have looked at how wood burning is affecting the health of forests, and the results are conflicting.

The latest research focused on the effects of coal burning on frogs, as well as turtles and snakes.

In an analysis of the results, Zhang and colleagues found that frogs and other turtles are at a greater risk from coal-fired stoves.

But they say that it’s important to consider other causes of death as well, and they suggest that the stoking itself could be contributing to more deaths than other environmental factors.

“Our findings are important to understand the impacts of these fires on the populations and the species of animals living in the affected areas,” Zhang explained to the AP, adding that it would be “impossible to know for certain how the stokers impact species, if any, because the species are not studied in the same way as the populations.”

This isn’t the first study to highlight the risks posed by stoking, however.

In 2013, researchers from the University, U.K., published a study that found that stokers are also contributing to deforestation in the Andes Mountains, and that the burning of coal for power is causing habitat loss in the region.

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