Coal miners have been living on tents for more than a year, but they are finally moving into a trailer for the first time.

Key points:The camp has been in the bush for nearly two months but it is now being set up for the winter seasonTents are being erected in the Kimberley and the South Coast to accommodate a growing demand for heating oil and diesel The camp has so far had a capacity of just one person but it will soon grow to eightThe camp is set to become the first large-scale camp in Australia to be set up on a trailer in the winter.

The coal miners have so far spent more than two months sleeping in the open on the side of the road near a coal mine.

Camp owner Nick MacLean said it had been a rough year for coal miners living on the bush.

“I think the reality is that we’ve had some pretty tough years,” he said.

“The world is changing, it’s getting hotter, and coal mining is a huge industry and we need to get back to where it used to be.”

The camp was set up in April by the coal miners, known as the Cooners, to provide heating oil for their family.

But Mr MacLean had no idea when the caravan would be ready.

“We’ve been working on it since April and it’s really starting to look pretty good,” he explained.

“It’s pretty busy with trucks rolling coal and it looks like we’re in good shape, so we’ve got to put up with it a bit longer.”

Mr MacLean hopes to have the caravan set up by Christmas, but said he would be open to the idea of moving into the caravan when it was finished.

“A lot of people are going to want to live in it for the holidays,” he added.

Topics:environment,environmental-impact,coal,canberra-2600,act,alice-springs-2480,vic,queenslandAbout the Author: Ian Brierley is a former editor of the ABC’s The Age and a former member of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Australian Bureau Of Statistics Editorial Board.

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