An Arizona coal mine owner says he’s not happy with the current state of the coal mine kitchen in his town.

Mark Mays says the kitchen is too old, and needs some work.

Mays owns the Black Hawk Coal Mine in the town of Mays, Arizona.

Mays said he has been in business since 2002 and says he wants the mine to keep running, but he has seen the current kitchen deteriorate.

“I’m going to have to do something,” Mays told KPHO.

“We’re not a big coal mining town.

It’s not the big city, it’s not a major industrial city.

It could be one of the biggest coal mining towns in the world, but it hasn’t been.”

Mays said that in recent years, the mine has become less profitable and he has struggled to make enough money to stay afloat.

“We don’t have a lot of cash, so we can’t go out and buy a home,” Mews said.

“And I don’t know how we’re going to pay our bills, so the only thing we can do is buy a small, small kitchen.”

Mills said the current conditions at the mine are not ideal.

He said he’s heard complaints from customers about the cooking equipment and the lack of cleaning.

“The coal mine’s been in my business for 40 years, and we’ve been in the business for almost 80 years,” Mills said.

Mills believes that the current condition of the kitchen has a lot to do with the mine’s current operating status.

He told KZTV that the mine is on life support and needs more time to get it back on its feet.

Mains owner told KJZZ-TV that he doesn’t think the mine will ever reopen.

“There’s been a lot more work done than I think is needed to get the kitchen up and running again,” Mark Mays.

“But we’ve got a lot left to do to keep it running, and I hope we can get it going again soon.”

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