A coal miner mug has become a symbol of the coal industry after being created in honour of the 100th anniversary of the start of coal mining.

Key points:A family-owned business for the past 100 years, the company says it is “always” a family businessThe mug, which was inspired by the life of John Hogg, is on display at the New York Stock ExchangeThe Mug has been in the family for 100 years and is owned by the Mr Hogg familyMr Hogg died in 2018 at the age of 104Mr Hagg’s mug, created by the company, is currently on display on the New America Exchange in New York City.

A member of the Mr and Mrs Hoggs family, the mug is made of an oak log which was used for centuries as a log cabin.

The family said the design was inspired to reflect the life and legacy of John and Helen Hogg.

“When the family came up with the idea for the Mug, they were always very particular about how to incorporate a family tradition into their products,” Mr Haggs family member Chris Hogg said.

“John and Helen were always big believers in family, and it’s a family product, so it just seemed fitting to give it a family twist.”

The family also created the mug as a celebration of the centenary of the first mining in Queensland, with a copper chute leading to the Mug.

Mr Huggs family said Mr Hogs family had worked hard to bring the mug to life, and that it was a personal favourite.

“I’ve seen a lot of people think that it’s kind of a sad mug, but the thing that makes it a very special mug is that it takes its time to make,” Mr Wigg said.

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