A new cafe, called Coal Chimney, is set to open at the intersection of Brisbane’s North Coast and Bowen Hills.

It is being built by Brisbane-based company Goldsmiths, and it will cater to those looking for an alternative to the cafes, coffee shops and takeaway food stalls in Brisbane.

The cafe will be open from Monday, October 16 to Sunday, October 19.

It has a menu of burgers, sandwiches, burgers, burgers and more.

Mr Tinsley said he had been planning for a while, and the decision to open the cafe came after a conversation with a friend.

“We were talking about it, and we were just like, ‘Yeah, that’s kind of cool, I think that’s really cool’,” he said.

“I guess when we started talking about this idea, we knew it was something we could build.”

“I’ve always loved cafes, and I’ve always liked cooking, so when I saw Coal Chimneys, I thought, ‘I can do that too’.”

It’s just like being a barista, I guess.

I don’t know what we’re going to serve, but we want to serve good food, and good people,” he said, adding the cafe was not an investment for the future. “

We’re really excited about it.

I don’t know what we’re going to serve, but we want to serve good food, and good people,” he said, adding the cafe was not an investment for the future.

The new cafe will open in the heart of Brisbane, and is set for a grand opening on October 17.

Mr Tinley said while the cafe did not have a definite location yet, it was likely to open in Brisbane’s inner-west, the Bowen Hills, and then move onto the CBD.

“That’s what we want it to do, is be the hub for the CBD,” he explained.

“So we’ll be starting up from there.”

A cafe for everyone Coal Chimny will feature a menu that includes burgers, salads, burgers with bacon, sandwiches and burgers and fries, and desserts.

The menu will also include a range of cocktails, including cocktails with a range for coffee, tea and ice.

“It’s kind-of a combination of everything,” Mr Tynesley said.

Mr Dickson, who is based in Brisbane and has worked for Goldsmith, said the business would not cater to a specific demographic, and that it was a response to a change in the way people were approaching cafe food.

“When I was growing up in Brisbane, cafes were pretty much like a social club,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“People would sit and have a cup of tea and chat, and they’d do things like watch television, or do whatever other activity they were doing.”

Mr Dicksons parents had moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast at the age of 10, when they first moved to Townsville.

“They started going to cafes, so we thought, if we can do this, why can’t we do this?”

Mr Dixons mother, who has lived in Brisbane for 20 years, said they wanted to provide a space for her children to connect.

“If we could provide them with a place to meet and do whatever they needed to do together, I would love it,” she said.

The family is still planning for the cafe’s opening, and plans to provide catering, and other services for the café.

Goldsmith’s website offers information on cafes in Brisbane that cater to people of all ages.

“The idea behind Coal Chimnys cafe is to create a space where we can create and nurture friendships,” the site reads.

“While the cafe is a bit more intimate, it is designed to meet the needs of a large group of people.”

We want the cafe to offer an open-minded, friendly atmosphere, a place where people can come together, and create new friendships.

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