The coal industry’s worst days are over.

Canada has become the first country in North America to allow the use of the dirty and radioactive material, which is highly flammable, in power generation.

But that doesn’t mean the coal industry has lost its grip on Canada’s economy.

The coal lobby is now trying to shut the industry down, even as the Trump administration seeks to expand its use of coal.

In the U, the Trump government has already lifted a moratorium on coal leasing and announced it will spend $6.8 billion to develop natural gas pipelines to move Canadian coal.

But the government’s decision to allow coal to be used in U. S. power plants also means the industry is losing its fight to prevent the closure of mines.

The industry says that if it loses its legal fight in the courts, it will not be able to get rid of the emissions that contribute to global warming.

But many experts say that if the government follows through on its plan to close coal mines, it would make it nearly impossible to phase out the production of coal in the United States.

What the industry says is that there’s no need to close the mines in Canada.

The mines are just going to be abandoned, said Robyn Lepp, an environmental economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

But she added that the industry doesn’t believe that the Trump-era moratorium is legally binding.

The decision to ban coal in U, S. plants is not a binding decision by the federal government, and the Trump Administration does not have the power to enforce that decision, said the president’s senior adviser, Anthony Scaramucci.

So it would be very difficult for the administration to do that, he said.

That’s not to say that there won’t be an effort to enforce the decision in the future, but the Trump Administrations own legal strategy to shut off coal in America is pretty clear.

It’s very clear that if there is a court challenge, they would have to go through a lengthy legal process to get their way, said Mike McCall, a lawyer with the Institute for Justice, a public interest law firm that has been challenging the Trump decision.

McCall said that the decision to halt coal in Canada comes as the U of T is seeking to reduce its reliance on coal-fired power plants.

The university is looking at the possibility of retiring some of its existing coal plants by 2022, when the coal plant moratorium is set to expire.

The school’s vice-president for the Environment, the Environment and Climate Change, said that when a new generation of clean-tech technology is developed that can capture carbon dioxide emissions, they can reduce the need for coal.

“We will do the right thing for our environment and our economy,” said Michael Laskin.

The Trump administration announced plans to boost the use and production of green technologies, including electric cars, solar panels and wind turbines, and invest $50 billion in clean energy, including solar energy.

“The administration is going to do a lot of green initiatives in the energy sector,” said McCall.

“They are making it very clear they will pursue these investments.

The administration has been a big proponent of climate action.”

The Canadian government says that it wants to ensure that coal is used responsibly in the country’s energy sector.

But with the Trump ban on coal, the government is putting a lot more pressure on the coal miners.

“It’s quite clear that the coal mining industry is going under,” said Lepp.

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