What if you could have a video of your sex life with a guy who was a coal miner in the US?

That’s what a new porn film by a man in the UK hopes to do.

In “The Coal Porn,” a sex comedy by an American producer, the title character is named Alex, a coal mining engineer.

His boss is a miner who wants to retire from his job after having sex with another man.

The two decide to move in together and begin living a coal-free life in a remote coal mining town.

It’s all part of Alex’s job description.

He spends a lot of time looking for girls to join his team, and he makes sure they have nice clothes and jewelry to decorate their homes with.

Alex is not the only one living a life of purity, though.

In the movie, he is also a porn star.

In an interview with The New York Times, Alex described the scene in the movie as “a sort of gay porn, but not a gay porn of mine.

It is a porn of coal mining and the sexual tension between the coal workers.”

In the story, he plays the lead character.

The actor who plays Alex is the son of a coal miners’ union president who died of cancer.

He also works as a porn director.

The film has garnered plenty of criticism on social media and the internet.

It was also picked up by other sites, including Reddit, for being “totally unqualified to produce a porn film.”

“It’s kind of like, ‘OK, this is the way to do this,'” PornHub reviewer Lauren Cimino said of the film, according to the Times.

“It’s not that there’s nothing to this story or there’s no context.

This is a movie where the narrative is about what a coal worker’s life is like.”

The PornHub review was not the first time the site’s critics have criticized the film.

PornHub’s “Critic’s Choice” award in 2016 gave the film an A.A. for “good content.”

PornHub has a history of picking apart porn films, but in this case, they went beyond the usual criticism of porn and its portrayal of sex workers.

“This is not a porn movie,” Ciminos wrote.

“This is a story about a coal mine and a coal family.”

A spokesperson for PornHub told The Associated Press that the company is not reviewing any films.

“We have a long and proud history of providing the industry with the best content to promote the best practices and best porn in the industry,” PornHub said in a statement to The AP.

“Pornhub is proud of our industry, and our reviewers have a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, which are reflected in the content we review.”

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