Australia’s coal mining industry is on a tear.

It’s been one of the biggest ever in the history of the world, but at the same time it’s been accused of killing off Australia’s natural resources.

The country’s largest miner, Ds 3, has been accused by some of using toxic coal slags to create an air and water pollution haze that kills off many plants in the country.

Coal slag is made up of a mixture of slag and water.

Some types are naturally poisonous, but Ds Trimline, which is the company that produces Ds Coal Slags, also uses them as an additive.

It has been found in the air of more than a million square kilometres (3.4 million square miles) of land and water in Australia.

The pollution is caused by the fact that coal slagged down by the company is stored for several years in tanks, which are then left to sit in the ground.

When the slag starts to decompose, it releases a toxic gas.

It also releases CO2 and methane, which has been linked to the devastating floods in Queensland in 2010.

Some of these pollutants are so toxic that they can cause serious lung problems.

This is why, when the company was found to be using dangerous amounts of coal slagging, the Australian government was concerned that the slags could be released into the air and soil.

So, the federal government decided to conduct a study to see if there was a way to limit the exposure of the slagging to the environment.

So the federal and state governments teamed up to do this study, which was done in Australia, Australia, France, and the United States.

It looked at a wide variety of pollutants in the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, nitrous oxide, ozone and sulphur dioxide.

The results of the study were that the emissions of these various pollutants were significantly higher than the industry had previously reported.

They had reported that emissions were lower than previously thought.

They also found that these emissions were mostly coming from coal slashing, which means that it’s causing the air to become more polluted.

The researchers then took samples from the slagged soil to see what they found.

They found out that the soil contained about one-third more CO2 than previously estimated.

It was also found to contain methane, but the amount was not as high as the industry reported.

The amount of methane released in the soil was about twice the amount reported, and this is why the researchers found that there was no significant relationship between the amount of CO2 released in soil and the amount that was released into nearby rivers.

So while the levels of CO 2 and methane released into waterways were higher than previously known, the researchers did not find any relationship between CO 2 released into local rivers and the levels found in soil.

Ds is the largest coal mine in Australia and produces around 1.3 million tonnes of coal a year.

It produces a mixture called DsCoalSlag which is mixed with water.

D-Coal slags are produced by mining companies around the world.

It is an additive which has a lot of other uses, including as a chemical.

It can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as in a variety of industrial processes, including steel making.

There are about 100,000 tons of Ds coal slAG in Australia today, according to the Ds Resources Australia website.

DSA is the Australian subsidiary of the Chinese mining giant Sinopec, which also owns the Queensland and Western Australian coal companies.

The company said it would be a “matter of days” before it would release the data about the pollution, but said it was committed to ensuring the data would be accurate.

DSS has a long history of pollution claims It was discovered in 2008 that some of the D-Slag was being used as an industrial additive.

The coal slagger had been mixed with a mixture made up mainly of slags, which contained about 3.3% to 6.2% CO2, according the Australian Environmental Protection Agency.

That has now been found to also contain up to 2.4% methane.

In 2016, the company said the amount emitted from Ds Slag was similar to that of the coal slayer.

The Ds industry group said in its statement that it would undertake an independent review of the evidence to “address any concerns that the DSS data might be inconsistent with the DSA’s previous reporting.”

But this didn’t stop the Australian Government from claiming the pollution had been proven to be harmful to the air, soil and water quality in the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory.

In a statement, Environment Minister Greg Hunt said: “The emissions from D-3 CoalSlag have been shown to be similar to the CO2 emissions from the coal mining sector, and therefore, D-slag is not

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