This is a story about what coal mining has meant to the US and the world, but also how coal mining and coal production are threatening a lot of things in a relatively small space.

It’s about coal mining in particular, and the threats that coal mining poses to environmental justice and local economies, and how coal is playing a big part in that.

Coal is one of the most valuable resources on the planet.

It makes up about half of the world’s primary energy and about one-third of the coal used in the US, according to the World Resources Institute.

The US coal industry employs roughly 100,000 people.

Coal has a history of industrial uses that are often dangerous and destructive, like blasting rocks with powerful explosives or burying underground mines.

And while the US is one, and growing, coal-dependent country, coal mining isn’t a monolith.

It is not just a dirty energy source.

It also contributes to climate change.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1.8 billion tons of CO2 have been emitted from coal since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Cooperating with the environmentCooperatives are a crucial way that coal miners, who are largely white men, can get ahead in the workplace.

A handful of the largest coal mines in the world are owned by cooperatives, which allow them to have a more open and participatory workplace.

And the coal industry itself is a strong, cooperative enterprise.

The industry has been very active in fighting climate change, helping companies reduce emissions and getting its employees to move toward sustainability.

But coal mining is also a way for the US to export its dirty energy, and it’s a way to get its coal out of the ground.

Cooperative coal is the fuel that powers many of the nation’s power plants.

These coal mines are mostly located in Appalachia, a region that stretches from West Virginia to Virginia, and has the most coal mining activity in the country.

The coal industry uses up to 30 percent of the country’s coal reserves, and about two-thirds of the US coal exports are going to Asia.

The region’s coal is also the most polluted, according the US Geological Survey.

In fact, coal is one one of just two coal sources that the US government has identified as a “top threat” to the environment.

Coal also accounts for about a quarter of all CO2 emissions in the United States.

The rest is emitted in other countries, and by human activities like burning wood and gas, and burning coal itself.

Coal is also highly polluting when it’s burned for power plants or for transportation.

In addition to being a big contributor to climate disruption, coal burning has also been linked to the transmission of diseases like asthma, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses.

Copper has been an integral part of our economy for a long time.

Copper is an essential component of many of our homes, as well as for a variety of industries.

Copper has been a part of all of the economies in the past 100 years, and copper mining is one that has been in continuous use in Appalachias history.

The earliest mines were formed in the mid-1800s, and many of these mines were abandoned in the 1960s and 1970s, when mining resumed.

Since then, the industry has expanded, with new mines being opened every year.

As coal mining became a more profitable business, the mining companies have grown increasingly big, and they have become increasingly powerful.

The American coal industry has grown from about 5,000 miners in the early 1900s to about 100,00 coal miners today.

In 2016, the US mining industry employed more than a million people.

Coals are also a key component of the American economy.

The United States was once a leader in coal, but in the 1990s the industry began to lose steam.

It was the 1990 mining season when the first reports of toxic dust storms swept through the West.

By 1999, there was a national recall and federal crackdown on miners who were found to have been inhaling toxic dust.

As the dust became more common, miners started to report it as a problem.

Coal mining is not without its environmental problems.

As a result of the dust, mining communities in Appalachians coal belt have experienced a decline in the quality of air, which has resulted in asthma attacks, respiratory illnesses, and cancer.

Coal mines have also been found to be contaminated with arsenic and mercury, which can cause birth defects, developmental problems, and neurological disorders.

In 2014, the United Kingdom banned all coal mining for the rest of the year.

In 2017, the government of New York banned coal mining altogether.

In the United Arab Emirates, a mining ban was also implemented in 2017.

In China, coal has been banned for decades and a moratorium was put in place in 2018.

The US is also home to many coal mines, many of which are still active today.

The world’s largest coal mine, Talisman Shenzhen,

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