Coal is a big part of the U.S. energy mix, but the fuel has a big role to play in the country’s economy.

It’s also a significant source of carbon emissions, according to the U,S.

Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Coal use in the United States is about 2.8 million metric tons per year, according the EIA.

That’s about half of what we burn in the entire country each year.

The U. S. consumes about 80 percent of the world’s coal, according Toilio Dominguez, senior economist at EIA, and one of the primary factors behind that is that it’s used in power plants and power stations.

In recent years, coal consumption has grown at a faster rate than oil, gas and other fuels that are used in manufacturing.

In fact, in 2013, oil consumption in the U;s total energy consumption reached 4.3 million metric tonnes, and coal consumption was about 4 million metric ton.

This trend is expected to continue as the United Sates energy mix shifts away from coal.

As the nation transitions to cleaner energy sources, however, coal will continue to be a significant part of its energy mix.

“We’re going to see a gradual shift to cleaner coal and then, once that transition is completed, it’s going to continue to have a very significant impact on our energy mix,” Domingue said.

What are the key points of a coal plant?

A coal plant is a coal-fired power plant that uses coal, oil or natural gas to burn electricity.

A coal power plant produces electricity when the power plant’s steam, steam and gas turbines produce electricity.

The plants are typically built by a mining company or a subsidiary of a mining companies, like Freeport McMoRan.

There are about 70 coal-burning power plants in the world.

A single coal-powered power plant can produce more than a million megawatt-hours of electricity, according The EIA’s data.

Coal-fired plants also produce some carbon dioxide emissions.

Coal plants emit CO2 through the burning of coal and coal-containing materials like coal dust, which creates methane.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that can cause global warming and can be a source of CO2.

According to the Eia, coal-generated CO2 emissions are equal to the emissions from all U. States coal-consuming facilities.

A second factor that coal-based power plants contribute to CO2 is the use of coal to heat the electricity.

According the Eie, about a third of the CO2 emitted by a coal powerplant comes from the use in coal-firing power plants.

How much of a carbon footprint is coal?

Coal can be found in many forms.

The EPA has the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Bureau to monitor and control the use, production and storage of coal in the Bureau’s Bureau of Coal and Iron Mines.

The Bureau of Mines, in turn, oversees coal mining and coal processing in the mines.

According its website, the Bureau monitors and manages over 1,300 mines for the BLM.

Coal mining is considered the second largest source of greenhouse gases in the nation, behind natural gas, according a 2014 study by the National Mining Association.

Coal is also used in a number of other industries, including cement and steel manufacturing.

Coal production and consumption The Bureau for the last 15 years has regulated the production and use of a variety of fossil fuels.

Currently, there are about 6,000 coal- and gas-fired electricity plants in operation across the United states.

According a 2012 report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), more than 70 percent of U.s coal-producing plants are either operating at capacity or are in the process of shutting down.

The EWEG estimates that coal power plants account for about 20 percent of all carbon emissions in the economy.

Coal power plants are also a source for greenhouse gases.

Coal produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse chemical that is also emitted from power plants when coal is burned.

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of energy generated is equal to 1.7 kilograms of carbon, according EWEg.

What is coal ash?

Coal ash is the sludge from coal plants that is left behind.

The ash is usually placed in storage, where it is treated for cleaning purposes.

The waste form of coal ash can be used as a fertilizer or used as building material.

Coal ash also is a component in the manufacture of many chemicals.

How does coal ash affect climate change?

Coal is the main fossil fuel used to generate electricity in the industrialized world.

In many parts of the United State, it is also the main fuel used for manufacturing.

However, in the past, the UnitedS has used a different fossil fuel to generate power.

Coal was a major source of energy for a lot of the industrial countries of the time, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. The

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