Coal mining is booming in the United States, as coal producers and other miners scramble to get the raw material to market.

Coal mining, the industry’s main source of carbon emissions, has increased in Canada in recent years, but coal mining in the U.S. has dropped sharply since 2015, and is down about 30 per cent from its peak in 2007.

It’s a stark contrast to the boom that followed the closure of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1993.

The park’s closure created a boom for mining, as the area saw a flood of new coal mines that provided jobs and income for many locals.

But as mining boomed in the US, it also created a flood in the coal mining town of Brown Coal Creek, in northwest Oklahoma.

In 2015, as thousands of people watched construction begin on a new coal mine in Brown Coal, locals began protesting and some were arrested.

The mine is set to open in 2018, but some locals have said they want the coal industry to pay a fair price.

“There’s going to be a huge amount of people out here that are going to want to have their coal,” said Darryl Boles, a Brown Coal resident.

Boles says he hopes the new mine will bring jobs and jobs opportunities to his town, which is about 300 kilometres northeast of Tulsa.

“We need a fair share of the profit that the coal companies have,” Boles said.

Brown Coal is a small town, about 100 people, but Boles believes that the new project will help make it a thriving town, with jobs and an income that will be available for his community.

The town was built on a hilltop that was originally home to a logging and mining company.

But in recent decades, the company closed the mines and moved the workers to other locations, including a new mining site in Brownsville, Okla.

“I think that’s a big deal,” said Boles.

“A lot of our people were born here and have roots in this community.

And we need to be able to have our children come back to this community and see that it was once a thriving community, and that it’s now being wiped out by the coal company.”

Brown Coal will be the second mine in the area, after another mine in Black Hills, Oklah., that was set to close in 2020.

But Boles hopes that the closure will not affect the town’s ability to attract new jobs.

“The mine will not be a job magnet,” he said.

“And it’s a very safe place to live.”

But the project is also causing concern for many residents.

Residents in Brown Coales Creek have been protesting against the new Brown Coal mine.

Some residents are worried that the mining may be contributing to a spike in CO2 emissions in the nearby Black Hills region.

“They’re going to destroy a beautiful area and destroy our homes,” said resident, R.M. Smith.

Smith lives about two kilometres away from the new mining and wants to know why the mining is going ahead.

“It’s the most expensive, it’s the worst pollution, it smells like shit, it doesn’t have the jobs, it won’t be good for our kids,” he added.

Smith said he is concerned that Brown Coal’s closure will negatively impact his community, as well as the nearby nearby Black Mountain Lake.

“If the mine goes, we’re going back to the old way of life.

We have to make our own way,” Smith said.

The new mine is also set to cause major environmental impacts.

The new mine site is expected to be home to thousands of tons of coal, a major source of CO2 pollution.

The Brown Coal area has been known for coal mining since the 1800s, when an old coal mine was built.

But it wasn’t until the late 1990s that coal mining began to expand rapidly, resulting in an estimated 200,000 tons of CO 2 being released into the air every year.

“With the new coal, that number will double in the next five years,” said Michael O’Connor, an environmental lawyer at the University of Calgary.

“That’s a lot of CO-2 that will go into the atmosphere.”

O’Connors research has found that, if Brown Coal has a mine close to the lake, it could be releasing about 10 times more CO 2 into the lake than the existing mine.

O’Brien said the environmental impact will be felt by residents, who are already worried about the pollution and the climate change effects of the coal.

“Brown Coal Creek is a very important place to be,” he told CBC News.

“This is a huge issue and it’s really important that the people that live in the community have their voice heard.”

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