The UK has some of the most ludicrous jobs in the world.

We have miners who get paid to sit on the side of the road, or in the toilets of our prisons, or shovel snow, or carry bags of coal in the back of trucks, or even haul coal in a mine shaft to make steel for the homes we build.

But, it turns out that coal mining is actually quite lucrative.

Coal mining employs about 10,000 people in the UK and employs almost two million people around the world, making it the fourth largest employer in the economy.

The UK is one of the worst coal exporters in the OECD, which ranks it as the fourth worst in the EU, behind Norway, Germany and Spain.

In fact, the UK has been the world’s biggest exporter of coal to China for years, and has been a key market for China’s new coal-fired power plants.

And, coal is also a huge part of the UK economy.

Coal is the third largest export of the steel industry after aluminium and coal.

The country has exported over 4.3 million tonnes of steel to China in the past decade.

The export of steel has been hugely profitable for the UK’s steel industry, which is one reason why, at a time when the country is struggling to replace manufacturing jobs with renewable energy and manufacturing, the industry has been thriving.

The government’s aim is to double the amount of steel that it makes from the UK by 2025.

It’s also hoped that the UK will become the world leader in carbon-neutral power.

But that’s not going to happen for a while, as the UK faces a carbon budget crisis and there’s no obvious way to get out of the carbon trap.

But what’s the worst thing about coal mining?

According to the Coal Association, the worst part of coal mining isn’t actually the coal itself, but rather the jobs that it creates.

Coal workers are paid a living wage and get benefits like unemployment insurance, sick pay and holidays.

However, the real bad thing about mining is that it also creates pollution.

Coal miners produce a lot of CO2, which gets stored in the atmosphere.

This causes climate change.

And the more CO2 that we’re putting into the atmosphere, the more it’s going to get warmer.

That’s why, when the coal mines close down, there’s a massive environmental backlash, and some miners have gone on strike to try to get the government to change its coal mining policy.

In 2011, a strike in the United States was the catalyst for the Paris climate change agreement, which ended the US government’s role in the coal industry.

But the UK coal industry has made a mess of things, with the industry continuing to make massive profits even as the climate crisis has hit the UK hard.

There’s a lot more to coal than mining and a lot that we don’t know about.

Here are the things we do know.

The world’s oldest coal mines, at Kew in Lancashire, are estimated to have been around for more than 2,000 years.

The coal used in these mines used to be exported from the US, which had a lot to gain from the trade with China.

China had also been exporting coal to the US since the 1960s, when it started exporting coal for domestic use.

Today, the US imports about 80% of the coal used to make the UK.

It was the UK that first started importing coal from China.

The second largest export market is India.

It is the second largest coal consumer in the US.

And it is the world second largest importer of imported coal.

Coal was also the source of many jobs in Britain’s mining industry, with over 100,000 mining jobs, according to the Mining Industry Association.

However as recently as 2015, the government said that there was no evidence that mining would lead to a decline in coal use in the country.

And that is not true.

Coal’s contribution to the UKs carbon footprint has grown by a lot over the past five years.

In 2017, the coal sector contributed 2.6% of all UK emissions, which increased to 4.1% in 2018.

However the UK is now the third-largest contributor to the global emissions of CO 2 to the atmosphere when you add up all of the other sources, and the UK alone is responsible for the majority of this emissions.

Coal emissions are one of those big numbers that you can’t ignore, because it changes over time, and you don’t want to just say “no” to something that has been with us for centuries.

What are the jobs of the future?

The next big question for the coal lobby is how we will pay for it all, and how much of it is going to come from renewables, and what we can afford to invest in it.

For instance, the cost of installing wind turbines is currently estimated at around £20,000 per megawatt

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