Coal is still one of the few metals in the world that remains unmined, despite its immense economic importance.

And now, a new generation of miners is creating their own coal town with the help of an easy-to-make, high-quality metal called kyanite.

The new town is named after a local resident named Tyler Childers, who in 2007 purchased a small, empty field in a coal mine in the Coal City region of Wyoming and built his own home there.

In 2015, Childers and his family moved to another small field, where he sold the property and started his own mining operation.

He was able to earn $400 per ton of coal mined there, a rate that dwarfs the price of many other mines.

“My goal is to have an income that I can live on,” Childers said.

“My goal with this business is to be able to buy the house I want, which is nice and big, and have a little piece of heaven in my backyard.”

In addition to selling the mine, Childes is also developing a mining company, Blue Mountain Mining, which has been granted a license to mine kyanites in Wyoming.

Blue Mountain has been mining kyanitic coal for several years, and the company plans to mine another 30,000 tons of kyanitite by 2018.

The company plans on exporting its kyanitized coal to China, the United States, and Europe.

“When you have kyanitizes, they are really good metal, so you can produce a lot of energy,” Childes said.

The kyanilite, however, has a higher melting point, and therefore is more difficult to process.

“It’s hard to get the kyanizes to melt, because it’s so thin, so it’s really hard to melt.”

The kyanotite is mined in Wyoming and shipped to China and Europe, where it is refined to make a metal known as niobium.

Niobium, a nonmetallic mineral, has many uses in the mining industry, including as a building material, and can also be used as a protective coating on metal items.

The price of niobum, however the price is also much higher than kyanitoite, which costs about $8 per ton.

“You have to pay a lot more for the nickel, which would normally be the nickel you buy at Walmart,” Childer said.

But with kyanithite, he can get the nickel for a little bit cheaper.

Childers estimates that he can sell about $20,000 worth of niibium per ton, but it would be very difficult to find that many.

The price is higher than other metals that are used in the industry.

A metric ton of nickel costs about 40 cents, while a metric ton, or 1,000 pounds, of kynitite costs about 15 cents.

But kyaniton is more expensive than nickel, and it can be a bit harder to process, requiring a lot less machinery to extract the material.

The kyansite mining process involves a process that takes about six weeks to complete.

Childer says that the kyankite mined with kyanitites is usually about 10 percent pure, and takes about five days to produce.

However, he also says that he will sell the mine for much more than $20 per ton if he sells the kykanaite mined in the mine.

Childers has been looking to expand his mining operation since he sold his farm to a family in 2018.

He said that after his first couple of years with Blue Mountain, he started looking at other mines in the region and wanted to develop his own mines.

He is also trying to open a mine next to the existing mine, which was established in 2014.

He plans to expand the operation with new mines in 2017 and 2018.

“We’re just waiting for that business to start,” Childs said.

Childes said that the mine he’s building is designed to be a mining operation that can handle the mine load.

He says that his main focus is on making sure that the mines are well-run and run smoothly, with a staff that is knowledgeable and efficient.

“I’m a little worried about the mine’s health,” Childrs said.

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