How to Make a Coal Scuttle

Coal scutles are a simple yet delicious creation from China.When cooked, they are called “cocoa” or “black” in Mandarin, and have an intensely sweet, slightly salty, and somewhat sour taste.The traditional method of cooking them is to cover them with oil, cook them for a few minutes, and then cook them again.The result is a […]

Why coconut crackers are the new ‘smart’ money

A new cryptocurrency craze has taken over the crypto world with the release of a new cryptocurrency called coconut coal.In a nutshell, coconut coal is a cryptocurrency that is a crypto-currency that can be mined using traditional methods.Coconut coal mining is extremely energy efficient, and has been popular in the mining industry since the beginning […]

Coal tar psoriatica: Can you get it?

Coal tar is the toxic tar that burns through your skin and lungs and is a major cause of psoridiosis.This condition can be difficult to diagnose because the signs and symptoms are often so vague and inconsistent that they are hard to differentiate from another medical condition.However, if you think you might have psoriatitis, you […]

How to get to the coal seams of Virginia’s Virginia Coal Mines

As the world’s largest coal-mining state, Virginia is the biggest on earth, but as the world grows more energy-hungry, Virginia’s coal seams are also getting older.A new report says the state’s coal mining sector is already seeing the cost of its climate policies rise, as the cost to produce and export the coal mined there […]

How to make a coal-burning grill

When you’re looking for a grill that will look good, you’ve probably looked elsewhere.Some options are limited by design, like a traditional grill that looks like a grill but lacks any sort of air conditioning.Others, like the stainless steel style that’s been around for years, are designed to be used in the kitchen, while others, […]

How to use the “C” word in a new job description

Coal is a big part of the U.S. energy mix, but the fuel has a big role to play in the country’s economy.It’s also a significant source of carbon emissions, according to the U,S.Energy Information Administration (EIA).Coal use in the United States is about 2.8 million metric tons per year, according the EIA.That’s about half […]

How to make your own coal dust, and why it’s the most important pollution control

The US is facing a coal dust crisis that could last for decades and could lead to the end of all fossil fuels by 2100, according to a new study.Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that CO2 emissions from burning coal have reached levels exceeding their historic levels in just a few decades.They said […]

What’s happening to coal? Here’s what you need to know

This is a story about what coal mining has meant to the US and the world, but also how coal mining and coal production are threatening a lot of things in a relatively small space.It’s about coal mining in particular, and the threats that coal mining poses to environmental justice and local economies, and how […]

Coal’s ‘super’ mines are ruining lives in Australia

Coal is the world’s second-largest producer of carbon emissions after oil, with about 10 per cent of global emissions from the combustion of coal.The coal industry employs about 1.3 million people, employs almost 1.5 million people in Australia and employs more than 300,000 people globally.Al Jazeera’s Robert Fisk reports from Sydney, Australia.

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