How to save $10 billion from coal coal station closure

Coal is the third-biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions after oil and gas, according to a new report.But coal is also the second-largest source of carbon emissions after methane and hydrocarbons.How can you save $100 billion?A report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) estimates that if the federal government closed the remaining coal-fired power plants, […]

How to make a coal-burning grill

When you’re looking for a grill that will look good, you’ve probably looked elsewhere.Some options are limited by design, like a traditional grill that looks like a grill but lacks any sort of air conditioning.Others, like the stainless steel style that’s been around for years, are designed to be used in the kitchen, while others, […]

Coal town to sell coal to new company: Officials

CoalTown Pa is poised to sell its coal production assets to a new company.It is to do so in a deal with King Coal, the company that operates a coal processing plant in Derry.The coal production unit at the King Coal processing plant was previously owned by the State of Northern Ireland.The sale is a […]

King Coal Chevy to buy $200 million gas company

Coal mining companies in the US have a history of making deals with big business, from major corporations to major mining corporations.In fact, the company that has been most closely associated with big coal companies is King Coal.The company, along with its parent company, is the largest coal mining company in the United States, with […]

Australian mining giant Murray Energy to dump coal and gas in the next 12 months

Coal production is down by one-third in the last 12 months, and Australia’s largest mining company has begun dumping coal in the nation’s waterways.Murray Energy announced it would begin dumping coal and other products from the Murray-Darling Basin in the Murray River and Lake Eyre in November, and in the coming months will begin dumping […]

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