What is coal tar?

Coal tar is a synthetic substance used to clean up coal mines and coal ash pits, and it has been used extensively in the construction industry for more than 50 years.In fact, according to the EPA, it is the second-most-common substance found in American construction sites, after asbestos.This article looks at the many benefits of […]

Trump signs $1.6 billion pipeline deal with Canadian company, a report

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that would award the company Dakota Access with an $1 billion pipeline project.Trump said the project would provide “major relief” for energy-producing areas.Trump’s executive order, signed by his chief of staff John Kelly, says the pipeline would help “increase access to energy in areas of the country […]

King Coal Chevy to buy $200 million gas company

Coal mining companies in the US have a history of making deals with big business, from major corporations to major mining corporations.In fact, the company that has been most closely associated with big coal companies is King Coal.The company, along with its parent company, is the largest coal mining company in the United States, with […]

Which mines have the biggest coal reserves?

The world’s biggest coal mines have an estimated coal reserves of some 1.1 billion metric tons (1.6 billion tons), according to a new report by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).The mines have been around for more than 100 years, but they are in declining demand as a result of climate change and mining practices.In […]

WV coal mines in danger of closure

WASHINGTON — More than 400 coal mining operations in the eastern part of the coal country of West Virginia have been ordered shut down after a spate of blackouts caused widespread power outages across the region, prompting the closure of several coal-mining communities and raising the specter of an environmental disaster.In an order issued Tuesday, […]

Why we’re buying chocolate coal: FourFour Two

FourFourtwo’s partner FourFour has announced that it will buy 100,000 tonnes of chocolate coal to help the coal industry to cut emissions, a move that has been praised by environmental groups.The move will see FourFour, a news and current affairs podcast, and The Climate Network, which has campaigned against the use of coal in the […]

Coal workers face the death penalty in Indonesia

The coal industry in Indonesia has long faced the threat of a devastating coal pollution disaster if the country is not able to quickly curb the growth of its burning coal and other fossil fuels.The country is currently grappling with a severe economic crisis that is forcing the closure of a number of coal mines, […]

What you need to know about the largest coal mine in the world

Posted February 07, 2018 07:03:25When you think of the world’s biggest coal mine, think of it in terms of the massive amount of coal it contains.The Virginias Coal Mine is the world�s largest coal producer, with nearly 8 billion tonnes of coal mined in 2014 alone.That�s a lot of coal!The Virginias is one of the […]

How to get rid of coal ash, toxic chemicals from mines

As the US warms up, the US government is looking to cut back on toxic coal mines in the Appalachian region.The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new rules that will cut back coal mines’ exposure to mercury, arsenic and other toxic chemicals.These new rules have been approved by the Trump administration.The coal industry […]

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